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GOSAT-2 App is an application in which a collection of brochures and handouts in relation to GOSAT and GOSAT-2 is stored. You can read these materials anytime, anywhere.


  In GOSAT-2 App: you can find:

  • GOSAT-2 Leaflet (Japanese)
  • GOSAT-2 Leaflet (English)
  • GOSAT Pamphlet (Japanese)
  • GOSAT Pamphlet (English)
  • GOSAT Leaflet (Japanese)
  • GOSAT Leaflet (English)
  • Watching the breath of the earth (For kids) (Japanese)
  • Measures the Greenhouse Gases from Space (Learning materials) (Japanese)
  • Whole-atmospheric monthly CO2 concentration tops 400ppm (Press Release Overview) (Japanese)
  • On carbon dioxide observational data and anthropogenic emissions in mega-city regions (Press Release Overview) (English)
  • GOSAT Observations of Anthropogenic Methane Emissions (Press Release Overview) (English)



The GOSAT-2 App can be freely downloaded to your smart phones or iPads

from App Store or Google Play 


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 2019 calendar


Download the GOSAT-2 calendar here. GOSAT-2_2019_calendar.pdf


GOSAT-2 leafletGOSAT-2 brochure 




Download the GOSAT-2 brochure here. GOSAT-2_en_v3.0.pdf




Updated: Janurary 10, 2019