NIES GOSAT-2 ProjectNIES GOSAT-2 Project


To fulfill NIES' responsibilities for GOSAT-2 Joint Project, NIES established NIES GOSAT-2 Project Team in April 2013.

The objectives of NIES GOSAT-2 Project are as follows:

  1. development of selected Level 2 and Level 4 algorithms for GOSAT-2,
  2. development and operation of Level 2-4 product generation and distribution system for GOSAT-2 (G2DPS),
  3. validation / quality assessments of selected GOSAT-2 products,
  4. application of GOSAT-2 data to carbon cycle science, climate change related policies, and other environmental issues,
  5. promotion of GOSAT-2 data application through international and/or bilateral agreements and research announcements, and
  6. outreach activities for GOSAT-2.


GOSAT-2 LogoGOSAT-2 Logo

GOSAT-2 Logo Concept

Updated: September 8, 2015